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This Policy is intended to implement a simple assessment of the aims, objectives and content of the Organisation’s policies with the objective of eliminating unfair discrimination and improving equality of opportunity. The Policy should be read in conjunction with the Organisation’s Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy No 1006:


1. To screen new and existing Policies within the Organisation to challenge and eliminate any adverse impact that a Policy may have on persons from “equality target groups” as identified in A.2 below. This will include both service users and staff members.

2. Equality Target Groups are defined in UK legislation under the following criteria:

  • Gender

  • Race / Ethnic Origin

  • Disability

  • Age

  • Religion or Belief

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Human Rights

  • Welsh Language (as appropriate)


1. Identify the Policy under review:


2. Define the aim, objective or purpose of the Policy.

3. Assess the impact of the Policy relevant to equality considerations for each Equality Target Group. Specifically:

3.1 Does implementation of the Policy involve making decisions regarding a person’s individual

characteristics or circumstances?

3.2 Would implementation of the Policy have a significant impact upon someone’s life or well-being?

3.2 Is there evidence of adverse impacts of the Policy on any of the Equality Target Groups? In particular, the following should be reviewed:

3.3.1 Staff:

  • Higher than expected staff turnover;

  • Lower staff development and training evaluation rates;

  • High levels of staff grievances;

  • Language or other communication problems.

3.3.2 Service Users:

· Higher complaints rates;

· Failure to fulfil special dietary and other needs for ethnic minorities;

· Failure to properly observe special religious and related ceremonies;

· Language or other communication problems;

· Failure to properly address disabilities.

4. As a result of this Equalities Impact Assessment, prepare a list of the recommended changes / improvements to be made to the Policy by considering the following:

4.1 How an adverse impact on members of Equality Target Groups could be reduced.

4.2 How equal opportunities for members of Equality Target Groups could be implemented.

4.3 Ensuring compliance with legal requirements (Equalities Act, 2010) by promoting equality of opportunity and elimination of unlawful discrimination.

5. Prepare an appropriate Action Plan to demonstrate compliance with the measures listed in clause 4. above.


Form No: 1-002 Equality Impact Assessment - Policy Screening Form

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