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This Policy will define the procedures for the purchasing of equipment, disposable goods and services used within the Organisation, and the management of suppliers:


1.1 This Policy relates to the control of suppliers of disposable items such as protective clothing and gloves, and

equipment and to sub-contractors used for providing such services as training courses.

1.2 Details of all suppliers and service sub-contractors are listed on Preferred Suppliers Lists.

1.3 Suppliers will remain on the Preferred Lists so long as the quality of service offered is consistently acceptable. Quality of service will include assessment of the following through the Management Review of the Quality System:

  • Quality of actual goods supplied / service work performed;

  • Quality of supply, i.e.: timeliness. Complete deliveries, back-up service in the event of complaints etc.

1.4 Suppliers will be duly notified of concerns and / or problems, and records retained of such correspondence with the supplier. Persistent decline in standards will result in the removal of a supplier from the Preferred List.

1.5 Only suppliers on the Preferred Lists may be used. Suppliers not included on Preferred Lists may be used on an exception basis, but will require the written authorisation from the Home Care Services Manager. After two such uses, a review will be made to determine whether the supplier should be included on the Preferred Lists, or discontinued. All such dispositions will be recorded.

1.6 Where the supplier is a service sub-contractor, a contract for the services to be provided will be drawn up between the Organisation and the Contractor. This Contract will specify:

  • The nature of the services to be provided;

  • The frequency of services / service intervals;

  • Fees for the services and Terms of Payment.

1.7 Where the Contractor is a professional Consultant e.g. for Quality Management training etc, a copy of the Consultant’s CV will be kept on file.


2.1 The Co-ordinator or Administration Assistant is responsible for preparing purchasing requirements on standard

Company Purchase Order Forms. All Purchase Orders are in duplicate and will bear a unique Purchase Order


2.2 The Administration Assistant will complete a Purchase Order Form with the items required. The Domiciliary Care Services Manager will authorise the purchase by countersigning the Purchase Order.

2.3 The top copy of the Purchase Order is detached and forwarded to the supplier; the bottom copy is retained by the

Administration Assistant to await delivery of the items ordered.

2.4 To satisfy ISO 9000 Quality Standard requirements, all purchased items must be verified upon receipt as being of "acceptable quality". For the Organisation’s purposes this will be implemented as follows:

Upon receipt, the Administrator will take the following action:

  • Check supplier Delivery Note against actual items delivered;

  • Check supplier Delivery Note against retained copy of Purchase Order;

  • Perform brief visual check of items for obvious evidence of damage;

  • Non-conforming items will be referred back to the supplier for replacement or credit;

  • If acceptable, the Delivery Note will be signed by the Administration Assistant and a copy retained with

  • the Purchase Order copy as part of the Quality Records.


Form No: 1-100 Preferred Supplier List

Form No: 1-101 Purchase Order

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