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This Policy will define the Organisation’s philosophy regarding staff use of their private vehicles for company business. This will focus upon the need for Care Workers to use their own vehicles to visit service users. The Policy has been drawn up to ensure compliance with relevant legislation, to protect the business and financial interests of the Organisation, and to ensure the safety of services users, staff, and any relevant third parties:

1. Staff members who use private vehicles (whether their own, or borrowed, or hired) in the course of carrying out employment duties for the Organisation must provide a copy of their driving licence and Certificate of Insurance to the company on an annual basis. Staff must also be able to produce these documents for inspection upon request from a manager.

2. The staff member’s vehicle MUST be insured for business use at all times when it is being used for the Organisation’s business. Failure to insure for business use will render the staff member liable to criminal prosecution for driving without insurance even if the vehicle is otherwise insured for non-business / private use.

3. The staff member MUST have a current full UK driving licence relating to the particular class of vehicle.

4. The staff member’s vehicle MUST:

  • have a current, valid MOT Certificate (as appropriate);

  • have a current Road Fund Licence (Tax Disc);

  • be in a safe and roadworthy condition.

5. The staff member MUST inform the management of the Organisation in writing of any changes to their circumstances. These MUST include the following:

  • change in vehicle;

  • change of insurance provider;

  • the withdrawal, cancellation or variation of insurance; a ban, or interim ban, from driving;

  • the imposition of endorsements on their licence;

  • any pending driving-related prosecutions;

  • any other facts relevant to driving vehicles on company business.

The staff member MUST inform the management of the Organisation in writing of any medical condition which may affect their driving skills to any degree. This information will be handled in the strictest confidence by the Organisation.

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