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This Policy will outline the measures to be taken when exceptional circumstances such as Covid-19 pandemic or adverse weather conditions mean that Care Staff are required to work from a temporary location away from base (the Organisation’s administrative facilities).

This could be the Care Worker’s own home:

1. Care Workers working from a temporary base will need to ensure that they can remain in constant contact with the Organisation’s administrative facilities. The principles of Policy No: 4100 - Out-of-Hours Management of the Service, will apply here.

2. The Care Worker will need access to the following equipment:

2.1 A telephone - either a landline or a mobile to ensure regular contact with the Organisation’s administrative facilities. Ensure that mobile telephones are kept fully charged.

2.2 A computer with broadband facilities for accessing the internet and sending / receiving e-mails.

2.2 Computer connectivity, with appropriate user name and password protection, with the Organisation’s administrative facilities. Specifically, this will enable access to relevant office files and, where appropriate, service user records to enable the Care Worker to up-date them as necessary.

2.3 Any additional specialist software that may be needed, for example for the transfer of Electronic Time. Monitoring data through to the Organisation’s administrative facilities.

3. The telephone system at the Organisation’s administrative facilities should be able to divert calls through to the Care Worker as necessary.

4. The Domiciliary Care Services Manager will maintain the following records in relation to the Care Worker working away from base:

4.1 An up-to-date list of Care Workers’ addresses or other remote premises from which they may work.

4.2 An up-to-date list of Care Workers’ landline and mobile telephone numbers.

4.3 A list of user names and passwords allocated to Care Workers for connectivity access to the Organisation’s central computer system.

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