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This Policy defines the dress code for all staff employed by the Organisation. This is to ensure ease of identification of job position, and to ensure that the Organisation’s highly professional image is maintained through a consistent approach to dress code and appearance of the staff who are employed there:

1. It is intended to achieve the following objectives with respect to uniforms and “Company identity”:

1.1 To ensure that all staff present themselves in a standard of dress and appearance consistent with a highly Professional image.

1.2 To ensure that the service user becomes familiar with a particular identity for our staff, and to foster confidence in the image and professionalism of the Service.

2. All staff are required to wear the appropriate uniform or dress code provided. This will apply to all hours spent on duty. Uniforms may be worn when travelling to or from work, and when travelling between service users, but they should be adequately covered by an outside garment.

3. The appropriate uniform / dress code for staff will be as follows:

Navy Blue Scrub Tunic with Prime Recruitment LOGO and Contact

A simple summary explanation of the uniforms worn by the staff will be included in the Service User Guide to help with identification by service users.

4. Sensible shoes should be worn at all times. To align with the uniforms provided, shoe colour should be restricted to black / brown. The shoes should provide COMPLETE toe covering and should be kept clean and polished at all times. High-heeled or platform shoes should not be worn in view of the potential safety hazards that they can present.

5. For reasons of Health & Safety no jewellery other than plain gold wedding rings or plain ear-studs should be worn unless next to the skin and covered by the uniform.

6. Whilst Equal Opportunities is a duty of the Organisation, any displays of symbolism worn for religious purposes, such as body art / tattoos or additional items of jewellery MUST be discussed with management prior to the start of shift / duty, and will be dealt with on a case by case basis. However, any symbols or symbolic gestures, deemed wholly offensive, anti-sematic or has the ability to incite hatred, may be subject to the Company Disciplinary Procedure and other external action.

7. The following are NOT considered suitable or appropriate for wearing as part of a staff dress code:

  • High-heeled or platform shoes (safety hazard).

  • Brightly-coloured tights, stockings or socks.

  • "Fashion" hats or caps.

  • Brightly coloured hair grips, fasteners or bands

  • Facial piercings such as, lip, eyebrow, chin, tongue etc.

  • Use of brightly coloured, unnatural-coloured hair dye and colouring

8. It is the responsibility of all staff to launder their uniforms and to ensure that they are kept clean and tidy at all times. This includes ensuring hems and seams are properly maintained and any loose buttons, zips or fasteners are replaced / repaired. Staff must also ensure uniform is kept free from possible allergens and odours, such as pet / animal hair that could pose a health & safety risk to service users. It is recognised that odours and strong smells can cling to clothes are therefore must be kept free from tobacco smoke, fried food, overbearing perfumes and scents and stale body odours.

9. For hygiene, health & safety reasons, all Staff members have a duty to maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness. This includes ensuring long hair (chin length and longer) is kept clean and tied back at all times.

10. In addition to standard staff uniforms, Care Workers will be issued with a supply of disposable aprons and gloves to protect against infection while undertaking certain tasks at a service user’s home. These should be used and disposed of in accordance with Policy No 4001.

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