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This Policy defines the Organisation’s philosophies and approach in relation to smoking and the consumption of alcohol by staff when on duty:

Part A: SMOKING BY STAFF (refer also to Policy No 4102):

1. Fundamentally, staff are not encouraged to smoke AT ALL during duty hours, though it is recognised that a significant amount of time may be spent travelling between service users which can offer the opportunity to smoke. However, it must always be borne in mind that cigarette smoke clings to clothing, including staff uniforms, which can be offensive when in close contact with a service user.

2. Smoking in the workplace is unlawful, and the service user’s own home is a workplace from the Organisation’s viewpoint, even though the service user is perfectly entitled to smoke in their own home.

3. Staff are NOT PERMITTED to smoke at all while at a service user’s home, EVEN if specifically invited to do so by the service user.

4. The Organisation’s administrative offices are non-smoking sites. Staff are NOT PERMITTED to smoke anywhere within these facilities.

5. Similarly, service user’s own cars, if used for work, must be kept smoke-free, particularly if the vehicles are used for transporting service users or other staff members.

6. Electronic Cigarettes (“E-cigarettes”):

Refer to Policy No: 1213 for the Organisation’s philosophy and policy requirements for the use of E-cigarettes by staff members while on duty.


1. The consumption of alcohol by staff members while on duty is NOT PERMITTED under any circumstances.

2. This must include those occasions where a service user may ask the Care Worker to share a small token drink to

celebrate birthdays or other special occasions. The staff member will be expected to gently and politely explain that it is against Company Policy, particularly as carrying out care duties relies upon staff being able to drive.

3. Any staff reporting for duty while intoxicated or smelling of alcohol will NOT BE PERMITTED to work and will be the subject of appropriate disciplinary action (also see 5. below).

4. Any staff member found drinking / or is intoxicated while on duty will be summarily dismissed.

5. There may be occasions when staff develop, or have developed, an alcohol dependency problem. This may not always manifest itself through drinking while on duty but is nevertheless a situation which must be addressed. Alcohol dependency is a progressive disease and it will only be a matter of time before job performance is impaired and the safety of individuals compromised. In this respect refer to the following two policies:

Policy No 4108: Staff Substance Abuse

And, more specifically:

Policy No 4109: Staff Alcohol Dependency

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