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This Policy summarises the arrangements in place within the Organisation to ensure the effective communication of information between staff:

The provision of effective communications will be achieved through the following practices:

1. By developing a simple system of well-defined, user-friendly and understandable Policy and Procedure documents relating to all aspects of the Organisation’s operational systems. Where appropriate, consideration will be given to translating Policies and Procedures into languages which reflect the diversity and ethnic mix of the staff base.

2. By ensuring that these documents are easily available for reference by staff, and that staff receive appropriate training in all Policies and Procedures that relate to their respective Job Descriptions.

3. By ensuring that any changes or updates to these documents are communicated through appropriate refresher training programmes and / or notifications on Notice Boards displayed at the Organisation’s administrative offices.

4. By convening regular staff meetings (ref. Policy No 2203), and ensuring that the minutes of such meetings are appropriately displayed on Notice Boards. These meetings will include Quality Improvement issues.

5. By providing and establishing a Staff Grievance Procedure which affords all staff members the opportunity to speedily redress and resolve problems.

6. By ensuring that the results of questionnaires used for eliciting feedback from service users, family members / relatives, and staff regarding the perceived quality of the Domiciliary Care Services offered by the Organisation, and Continuous Quality Improvement opportunities, are effectively reviewed through Management Review meetings, ref above.

7. By ensuring that service users’ care records are completed fully and legibly, and in easy-to-understand language; i.e. free from “trendy” phrases and colloquialisms, that will enable smooth communication of care issues between staff. This will be done with due regard to confidentiality and data protection requirements.


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