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This Policy summarises the arrangements for accommodating volunteers as part of the staffing complement, and the precautions to be observed:

The Organisation encourages the help of volunteers to assist with appropriate duties. However, it is the policy at Prime Recruitment that volunteer staff will ONLY be deployed provided that the following conditions are satisfied:

1. Each volunteer will be required to undergo satisfactory clearance through the appropriate organisations and bodies in accordance with the requirements of Policy No 1200, clause 5, PRIOR to being accepted for any job duties. In particular the following must be demonstrated:

  • A minimum of two referees will be contacted, one of whom must be the applicant’s current, or most recent, employer. All references will be requested in writing, using appropriate forms for the referee to complete and return as appropriate.

  • A check on any apparent gaps in employment history.

  • Verification of personal identity, to include photographic evidence.

  • Check on the validity of professional, educational and in-service qualifications claimed.

  • A check on validity of driving licence (where appropriate to duties).

  • Through the new Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), an Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure and, according to the type of Regulated Activity relevant to the Job Position, checks of the following lists:

(1) Children’s Barred List

(2) Adults Barred List

(See also Policy No: 3716 on the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act, 2006).

2. Additionally, a volunteer will be required to complete an appropriate Employee Declaration of Suitability Form (Form No: 1-208).

3. Volunteers will usually be required to work full-time / part-time days per week; working hours to be agreed with the Domiciliary Care Services Manager.

4. Each volunteer will be treated as a full-time staff member for purposes of training and developing job expertise. Each volunteer will be required to satisfactorily undergo the Organisation’s Induction Training Programme (ref Form No 1-400) prior to taking up any duties. This will address all aspects of relevant job duties, Health & Safety practices, and the Organisation’s management practices and Conditions of Employment.

5. Volunteer staff are supernumerary, i.e. are additional helpers within the Organisation. They are therefore not counted in the full-time / part-time staff complement nor do their Job Positions appear on the Organisation Chart of Management.

6. When a volunteer joins the Organisation the Domiciliary Care Services Manager will appoint a qualified member of the staff to act as the volunteer’s supervisor and mentor. The volunteer will be expected to familiarise herself / himself with the relevant policies and practices of the Organisation and conform to all the rules and conditions of employment as if they were a contracted staff member.

7. The Domiciliary Care Services Manager reserves the right to terminate a volunteer’s involvement at any time in the event of continual unsatisfactory job performance.


Form No: 1-208 Employee Declaration of Suitability

Form No: 1-400 Induction Training Plan & Record

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