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This Policy summarises the basic qualifications requirements for Domiciliary Care staff, and for the arrangements set up within the Organisation that ensure staff receive appropriate support, including paid leave, for the purposes of personal training and professional development:


Health & Social Care Diplomas at levels 2 and 3 are required. These Diplomas consist of 3 Groups:

Group A consists of 9 mandatory units:

  • Personal Development

  • Equality and Inclusion

  • Role of the Health & Social Care Worker

  • Person-Centred Support

  • Handling Information

  • Communication

  • Duty of Care

  • Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults

  • Health & Safety

Group B consists of knowledge-only units that offer the learner the opportunity to undertake units that form either a generic or specialist Learning Disabilities or Dementia Pathway. There is a choice of units and these are stipulated in order to achieve the appropriate pathway.

Group C provides the learner with the opportunity to take a variety of

competence units that reflect their job role. This includes a range of both specialist and generic units.

The former Registered Managers award and the current NVQ level 4 are now a combined qualification called the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People Services.

These latest HSC Diploma qualifications feature in the up-dated Employee Specifications contained in the Forms Library as Form Nos 1-300 to 1-308.


1. Reference Policy No 1400, Staff Training Programmes are grouped into 3 categories:

1.1 Induction Training - for ALL staff members (reference Form No 1-400).

1.2 Job-specific Training - particular training needed for each Job Position, and which may include specialist elements as appropriate (see 5 below).

1.3 Refresher Training - for ALL staff members.

2. The Job-specific training (1.2 above) will address the specific training elements required for personal and professional development as individual Training Modules (e.g. a training course on Moving & Assisting, or Health & Safety). This training will often be supported by appropriate qualifications which the job-holder will be required to achieve.

3. It is the policy within the Organisation that suitable assistance will be given to the job-holder to support his / her training needs to enable appropriate qualifications to be gained. Each employee will be given adequate opportunity to discuss their personal training needs with their supervisor / manager during formal supervision and appraisal sessions.

4. Assistance may take the form of time off from daily duties with pay (minimum 3 days per annum) and / or time off without pay, at the discretion of the supervisor / manager, according to individual circumstances.

5. Training Plans will focus upon key requirements for the job as defined in the Job Description. Reference clauses 1 and 2 above, this training will include the following essential modules:

5.1 Moving & Assisting (Lifting & Handling).

5.2 First Aid

5.3 Handling & Management of Medication

5.4 Handling and management of suspected Service User Abuse.

5.6 Health and Safety principles, as applied to the Domiciliary Care setting.

5.7 Food Hygiene principles, as applied to the Domiciliary Care setting.

5.8 Infection Control

6. As per Policy No 1400, each employee will have their own training records and the responsibility for maintaining these will be that of the employee's immediate supervisor.


Form No: 1-301 Employee Specification - Proprietor / Domiciliary Care Services Manager

Form No: 1-302 Employee Specification - Domiciliary Care Services - Deputy Manager

Form No: 1-303 Employee Specification - Domiciliary Care Services - Supervisor

Form No: 1-304 Employee Specification - Senior Domiciliary Care Worker

Form No: 1-305 Employee Specification - Domiciliary Care Worker

Form No: 1-306 Employee Specification - Live-in Carer

Form No: 1-307 Employee Specification - Administrator

Form No: 1-308 Employee Specification - Co-ordinator

Form No: 1-400 Induction Training Plan & Record

Form No: 1-401 Common Induction Standards - Attainment Record - Domiciliary Care Worker

Form No: 1-402 Staff Training Courses & Modules

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