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This Policy summarises the systems employed within the Organisation to ensure that staff job performances are regularly assessed against expected work standards, and to identify opportunities to enable them to improve their professional skills and personal contributions to the Organisation’s Aims & Objectives:

1. Each staff member will undergo a formal review of job performance every 6 months.

2. The review will be undertaken by the employee's immediate supervisor who will assess job performance from the following standpoints:

2.1 General ability to do the job, and appreciation of duties.

2.2 Overall reliability, trustworthiness and ability to work alone.

2.3 Absence record, with particular reference to the number of unauthorised days taken.

2.4 Concern for service users and their welfare.

2.5 Personal relationships, in particular with other staff.

2.6 General appearance, dress and demeanour.

2.7 Attitude and efforts applied to job duties.

2.8 Verbal communication skills.

2.9 Temperament, self-control, stability and ability to cope and make sound judgements under pressure, and general reaction to, and management of, stress.

2.10 Leadership skills and guidance of others.

2.11 Willingness to learn and undertake training.

3. The results of the review will be recorded on a Staff Performance Appraisal Record Form which will form the basis of assessment for future training requirements, job rewards or continuance of employment.

4. The results of all Appraisals will be kept in the employee's personal files.


Form No: 1-408 Staff Performance Appraisal

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