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This Policy defines the sets of records which are required to be kept at the service user’s home:

1. Records which are generated as a result of daily care duties must be maintained in a safe and secure location in accordance with the requirements of Policy No 1500 (“Control of Records & Service Users’ Access to Personal Files”). However, some of these records are to be kept at the service user’s home for the benefit of Care Workers, Live-in Workers and Support Workers, though copies will be retained at the Organisation’s offices. These records will include the following:

  • Time sheets showing date, time and duration of EACH staff member’s visit to service user’s home;

  • Details of services provided on each visit, and any significant occurrences relevant to these services;

  • Details of any prescribed medication collected on behalf of the service user;

  • Assistance with medication, including times and dosages taken, and any significant occurrences;

  • Any requests for specialist help needed in areas of medical and personal care;

  • Any observed changes in the service user’s perceived health, mental state, physical condition;

  • Accidents / injuries to the service user or any member of the Organisation’s staff while at the home;

  • Any untoward event meriting concern (e.g. suspected gas leaks, pest infestation etc);

  • All financial transactions undertaken on behalf of the service user, together with receipts where appropriate;

2. These records will be kept in a location agreed with the service user / advocate that is safe and secure but is still accessible by the service user / advocate. The right of the service user and his / her advocate or family representative to inspect and annotate his / her Care Records is addressed in Policy No 1500.

3. Records will be kept at the service user’s home for a period of one month. Following this, WITH THE SERVICE USER’S PERMISSION, the records will be transferred to the Organisation’s offices for safe keeping.

4. If a service user declines to have any records kept at his / her home, the Organisation will request that the service user / advocate signs a statement to this effect, a copy of which will be given to the service user and another kept in the service user’s file at the Organisation’s offices.


Form No: 1-500 Records Log

Form No: 1-501 Log of Archived Records

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