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This Policy will define the Management’s philosophy regarding the use of external social networking sites by Company staff:


1.1 The use of external social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn for business purposes is increasing. However, management recognises that the increasing use of social media could expose the Organisation to a greater reputational risk, either through ignorance or malicious intent, due to the longevity of material once posted, and the ability of the internet to send information world-wide within seconds.

1.2 Additionally, a key concern for the Organisation is the specific safeguarding values relating to the vulnerable adults that form the Organisation’s service user base, and the potential for these values to be compromised through uncontrolled access to social networking sites.

1.3 This Policy will mandate the measures to be taken with respect to staff access to social networking sites.


2.1 Staff are not permitted to access social networking websites AT ANY TIME while on the Organisation’s business.

2.2 Staff using these sites outside working hours for their own personal use MUST NOT, AT ANY TIME (even though off-duty) make reference to the Organisation, its service users, or their employment on the site

2.3 The use of personal social networking accounts and user IDs for the business of the Organisation is prohibited. Similarly, the use of any social network user IDs held by the Organisation for personal use is prohibited.

3. Violation of this Policy will be viewed as an act of gross misconduct and may result in disciplinary action being taken in accordance with Policy No 1202.

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