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This Policy summarises the arrangements in place within the Organization that ensures maintenance of Care Service standards through unannounced spot auditing of Care Workers at service users’ homes:

Policy No 1408 - Staff Supervision Policy - defines the programme used within at the Organization for the regular supervision of staff to ensure continuous staff development and a better understanding of Job requirements and duties to be performed. In support of this Policy it is standard practice within the Organization for members of Domiciliary Care supervisory and / or managerial staff to undertake random spot-checks of Care Service delivery. This will involve supervisors / managers making unannounced visits to service users’ homes to review the standards of the Care Service delivered by the Care Worker(s):

1.The Domiciliary Care Manager or Supervisor is responsible for drawing up an action plan of unannounced visits. Visits will be planned to incorporate a minimum of two (2) such visits per month.

In preparing the action plan, consideration will be given to the following:

1.1 The Care Worker(s) involved, their training needs, and their perceived progress in personal development;

1.2 The service user involved, the duties scheduled for the Care Worker, the documented physical and mental state of the service user and appropriate degree of dependency;

1.3 Any reported concerns regarding possible abuse of the service user, irrespective of whether the Whistle-blowing Policy No 1103 has been invoked;

1.4 Any other concerns, e.g. reported complaints involving a Care Worker.

2. The service user and / or advocate will have been made aware at the beginning of the contract of the Organization’s policy to undertake unannounced visits, and appropriate permission will have been sought to allow supervisors / managers to make such visits.

3. When making unannounced visits the supervisor / manager will ensure that they carry appropriate documentation that identifies them as an employee of the Organization.

4. At each visit the supervisor / manager will complete a Spot Audit of Service Delivery, Form No 2-101. When completed the results of the Spot Audit will be reviewed and discussed with the appropriate Care Worker(s) as an integral part of the Staff Appraisal process.


Form No: 2-101 Spot Audit of Service Delivery

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