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This Policy defines the procedural arrangements in place for monitoring the effectiveness of the Care Service in accordance with individual service user Care Plans.

1. Following assessment and finalisation of the agreed Care Plan requirements, the Organisation will prepare an individual Service User File to be kept at each service user’s home. The Service User File will contain the following documentation:

  • Basic service user details (name, address etc).

  • A copy of the Care Plan.

  • The dates and hours of service to be provided, and frequency.

  • The allocated Care Worker(s) involved.

  • Copies of the Service User Daily Report Sheet.

2. On a daily basis, the Service User Daily Report will be up-dated by the Care Worker with details of the tasks completed for each visit, together with routine recording of the service user’s progress and any relevant comments or observations.

3. Within 4 weeks of commencement of Care Service for a service user, the Domiciliary Care Services Supervisor or Manager will visit the service user to check that the work is being carried out to the agreed standards. Any observations following this visit will be relayed back to the Care Worker for possible adjustment to the Care Services to be provided. Any such adjustments will constitute a Change to Contract and will follow the original Contract Review Procedures when the Agreement was set up with the Contracting Authority.

4. Thereafter, the service user’s Care Plan will be regularly reviewed to ensure that the service user is responding in a satisfactory manner, i.e. that the care given is what the service user requires and needs. Adverse reaction to the Care Plan by the service user will result in an immediate review of the Care Plan by the Care Worker and Senior Home Care Staff and amending it as needed.

5. For each service user, this information is gathered and reviewed at the following frequencies:

5.1 Daily reviews of service user response to the Care Plan Weekly by the Care Worker, reference 2 above.

5.2 Weekly reports sent to the Domiciliary Care Services Supervisor or Manager by the Care Worker.

5.3 Formal review of the service user’s care needs is held between the Care Worker and the Domiciliary Care Services Supervisor or Manager on a monthly basis. The results of such reviews are recorded on an appropriate Monthly Review Sheet.

6. Independently of daily Care Worker duties, the Domiciliary Care Services Supervisor or Manager will either telephone or spot-visit the service user on a monthly basis to verify that the Care Service is continuing to be provided to the agreed standards.

7. All amendments to the Care Plan will require the authorisation of the Domiciliary Care Services Supervisor or Manager, and will be fully documented.

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