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This Policy will define the procedure to be followed for handling enquiries and referrals for the Domiciliary Care Service:

1. Enquiries for the Care Service may originate both from an individual person on a private basis, and as a referral from the local Contracting Authority.

2. Upon receipt of an enquiry, a Domiciliary Care Service Enquiry Form will be set up, and completed with as much service user information as possible. This Form will form the basis for developing an individualised Care Programme for the service user, and also has provision for managing a Waiting List where relevant.

3. The Domiciliary Care Services Supervisor or Manager will prepare a loose-leaf "Enquiries File" into which copies of the completed Enquiry Forms may be placed. This File is divided into 4 sections:

  • Section A - Enquiries pending

  • Section B - Waiting List

  • Section C - Service Users started for Domiciliary Care Services

  • Section D - Service Users not accepted / declined

The Domiciliary Care Services Supervisor or Manager will arrange to visit the prospective service user. In the meantime:

  • a copy of the Organisation’s Service User Guide is sent to the service user;

  • the Enquiry Form is placed in Section A of the Enquiries File.

4. The service user visit and Baseline Assessment of Service User Needs will proceed as per Policy No 3002:

4.1 Where a Care Service can be offered immediately, the Enquiry Form is appropriately annotated, and is then placed in Section C of the Enquiries File. A copy placed in the new Service User File.

4.2 Where there is a requirement for Service that cannot be accommodated immediately, and provided that the service user agrees to be placed on a Waiting List, then the Enquiry Form is placed in Section B of the Enquiries File. This Section of the File will be reviewed on a monthly basis by contacting prospective service users to determine whether or not they wish to remain on the Waiting List. If not, the Enquiry Form will be placed in Section D of the Enquiries File. When the service user is eventually started for Care, the Form will be transferred per 4.1 above.

4.3 If for some reason, following the preliminary visit and Assessment by the Domiciliary Care Services Supervisor or Manager, the service user declines the Service, or if it is felt that the Organisation cannot meet the service user’s specific needs, then the Enquiry Form is placed in Section D of the Enquiries File, and the case closed, liaising with the Contracting Authority as appropriate.


Form No: 3-000 Enquiry for Provision of Domiciliary Care Services

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