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This Policy defines the philosophy within the Organisation for assigning a Care Worker to a service user, to ensure compatibility, harmony and to foster a close Care Worker / service user relationship.

1. Following finalisation of Contract / Agreement details, and the service use has been accepted for the Care Service, a suitable Care Worker will be assigned to that service user. The process of choosing the Care Worker will involve a sensitive review of the service user’s overall care needs and wants.

2. In selecting a Care Worker, the following issues will be taken into account respecting the potential compatibility issues between Care Worker and service user:

  • Gender;

  • Personality;

  • Temperament;

  • Age;

  • Cultural / ethnic / religious background;

  • Training in specific skills, e.g. moving and assisting disabled persons, etc;

  • Interests and knowledge;

  • Specialised methods of communication that the service user prefers to use;

  • Possible relationships of the Care Worker to the service user. In this respect assigning a Care Worker that is related to the service user should be discouraged (see 4.6 below) unless the service user has specifically requested otherwise. In such cases appropriate notes must be made in the service user’s records.

3. Wherever possible, more than one Care Worker will be matched with the service user as a contingency measure in cases of staff absences to ensure continuity of care.

4. Sometimes, circumstances require that a Care Worker must be changed on a more permanent basis. These circumstances will be limited to the following reasons:

4.1 Where the service user requests a change in the Care Worker. The service user retains the right to request a change in the Care Worker at any time. Where such changes are requested, the service user will be advised to contact the Domiciliary Care Services Supervisor or Manager, and records of any such requests will be made in the service user’s Care File.

4.2 Where the Care Worker has reported sick, is on holiday, or is unavailable through attending training courses, has re-arranged duty rotas, or has simply left the organisation.

4.3 To protect the Care Worker from abuse, discrimination, harassment and / or actual violence from the service user and / or family members / representatives.

4.4 Where the service user’s specific care requirements change to the extent that the usual Care Worker does not have the requisite skills, specialist training or physical capacity to continue the care.

4.5 Where the Care Worker is unavailable to cover any additional hours or changed times for Care Service visits.

4.6 Where the relationship between Care Worker and service user has become non-professional.

4.7 Where relief is required for the Care Worker working in constantly stressful situations.

5. Wherever possible, service users and / or their advocates, will be consulted about changes in their Care Workers in advance. In all cases, the service user will have the final decision as to whether a Care Worker is acceptable for his / her needs.


Form No: 3-012 Service User-Care Worker Master List

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