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It is the policy at the Organisation that service users will not be discriminated against because of their age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation and health status. According to their wishes, service users can be included in a range of external social activities to enable them to feel integrated into their communities and in society in general. This means where possible, having contact with family and friends, being able to go out socially, go shopping, to be in control of their own financial arrangements, and to do all this safely. This Policy defines the Organisation’s philosophies that enable these outcomes to be achieved:

1. The service user is able to choose his / her daily activities and arrangements without fear or rebuke from Care Staff.

2. The Care Worker treats the service user with dignity and respect, and takes the time to talk to them whilst carrying out their care, respecting their past skills and experiences.

3. The Care Worker enables the service user to go out socially by addressing any potential barriers and problems such as transport and safety issues.

4. The Care Worker respects the service user’s right to retain involvement in the day-to-day management of their household and finances.

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