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Maintaining the service user pain-free is considered to be a key element of service delivery, particularly towards the end of life. This Policy summarises the philosophies and arrangements within the Organisation that ensure that the appropriate service user receives adequate pain control within their medication regime at all times to maximise their independence:

1. The Care Worker receives appropriate training in the need for pain control, and of the need to be empathetic about the pain that service users can experience.

2. The Care Worker is trained to be proactive in discussing pain control with the service user or their advocate, and encouraging them to discuss uncontrolled pain with the GP or prescriber to enable their medication regime to be reviewed as appropriate.

3. With the consent of the service user or advocate, the Care Worker can report uncontrolled pain to the GP or prescriber.

4. The Care Worker discusses with the service user or advocate those daily activities that the service user can undertake that will alleviate pain, or provide a level of pain relief, rather than exacerbate pain.

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