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The Management of the Organisation recognises the right of the individual service user to live the lifestyle of his / her choosing, and accepts that this will entail a certain degree of risk to the service user that is inherent in the implementation of the Care Plan. This Policy defines the arrangements in place for assessing and reviewing these risks, their implications to the resident, and how they may be reduced to an acceptable level:


Any lifestyle will entail a level of risk. The Management of the Organisation recognises this and encourages the principle that risk-taking can provide a positive contribution to the service user’s quality of life, well-being, independence and autonomy. Risk-taking is deemed to be responsible provided that it can be demonstrated that the following conditions have been fulfilled:

1.1 For each proposed activity, the hazards or elements of risk can be clearly defined and that all persons involved are fully aware.

1.2 For each hazard or risk, the likelihood of it occurring can be defined.

1.2 For each hazard or risk, the severity of the outcome can be defined. From this and 1.2 above a Degree of Risk can be calculated using standard Risk Management techniques.

1.3 Plans to address hazards and risks identified, together with any preventive or corrective action that may be required, have been made.

1.5 The benefits to the service user’s quality of life of taking each risk have been clearly identified.

1.6 All information necessary to enable an informed choice to be made is available, has been assessed, and has been explained to the service user / advocate.

1.7 In the light of this information, where the service user / advocate has agreed to take the risk(s) involved, a signature to this effect is contained within the service user’s Care Records.


2.1 Service users are empowered to take as much control over their lives as they can and will be enabled to enjoy their lifestyle, and to regulate their own lives, including activities, personal affairs and finances.

2.2 Intervention will only be made where there is considered to be a significant risk to the quality of life, or health and safety of service users, staff and visitors to the service user’s home.

2.3 In the light of changing needs, it is recognised that support and care needs, and what might constitute a reasonable risk, may vary over time for any service user. Regular reviews of Risk Assessments will be made to reflect these changing needs.

2.4 The role of staff is to empower the service user rather than to direct or control, and to promote self-confidence and the taking of responsibility by the service user.

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