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This Policy will summarise the philosophies and arrangements within the Organisation to respect and promote the personal identity of each service user:

Staff understand that a key symptom of Dementia is that the sufferer may become confused as to who they are, and may not remember much about their life experiences. As the condition of Dementia progresses identity issues may change and deteriorate with time and staff will be aware of this. The service user can be helped to maintain a sense of their own identity through the following simple procedures:

1. Service users should always be addressed in the manner of their choosing. This may be their first name or a more formal mode of address.

2. Service users should be encouraged to talk about their previous life and share their life experiences where appropriate.

3. Service users are encouraged to personalise their personal space with family photographs and other personal possessions around them to help them recall past memories.

4. Staff will assist in promoting the service user’s choices of lifestyle; e.g. food preferences, clothing, TV / radio programmes, and reading materials

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