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This Policy defines the procedures and philosophies to be observed for bed-bathing a service user, where physical disability, impairment or illness prevents the service user from washing, showering or bathing in the normal way:

1. Before beginning the bed bath, the Care Worker should bring all items needed to the side of the bed. These will include:

  • Soap.

  • Face-cloths / flannels.

  • Towels, both for placing under the service user and for drying the skin.

  • Body talc

  • Deodorant, etc

2. The Care Worker should ask the service user which towels he / she prefers to use as the under-towel, and place these carefully under the body areas to be washed.

3. The Care Worker will fill a bowl with warm water, and check the temperature. This should not exceed body temperature.

4. The Care Worker will bring the bowl to the side of the bed and wash as needed. The bowl should ideally be placed at waist height to avoid the need for bending, and the water changed regularly as needed, checking the temperature as before.

5. If the service user is catheterised, the Care Worker MUST wear the disposable gloves provided, reference Policy No 4001. Also, a separate flannel must be used when washing around a catheterised area.

6. All face-cloths, flannels and towels must be put aside for laundering.

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