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This Policy defines the procedures and philosophies to be observed for assisting a service user to use a toilet or commode, maximising the dignity and privacy of the service user which is respected and preserved as far as possible:

1. The Care Worker MUST be aware of health and safety implications when helping service users to use a commode or toilet, and individual Staff Training records must demonstrate adequate training in Moving & Assisting / Lifting & Handling techniques. Accordingly, appropriate movement assistance techniques must be used when a service user requests assistance to use a toilet or commode.

2. The Care Worker should assist the service user to remove appropriate clothing and seat him / her onto the toilet or commode. Care must be taken to respect the privacy and dignity of the service user in this respect.

3. When the service user has finished using the toilet / commode, the Care Worker should check to ensure that the service user is clean and assist with dressing as required. If necessary, the service user should be washed per Policy No 3201.

4. The Care Worker should ensure that the toilet is flushed, and if necessary cleaned with toilet cleaner. Commodes must be emptied and disinfected. When emptying commodes the Care Worker MUST wear appropriate disposable protective clothing. Reference Policy No 4001.

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