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This Policy defines the procedures and philosophies to be observed for assisting a service user to care for his / her teeth and nails:

1. Where the service user requires assistance to clean his / her teeth, the Care Worker should assist in the following as required:

1.1 Removing the lid or cap from toothpaste / denture cream tubes or containers where physical impairment may make this difficult for the service user.

1.2 Ensuring that toothbrushes are clean.

1.3 Advising on the best procedure for cleaning teeth.

1.4 Ensuring that dentures are left to soak as needed, and properly washed or rinsed before use.

2. The Care Worker may offer assistance for trimming fingernails. For the feet, the Care Worker should NOT offer assistance but instead refer the service user to the services of a chiropodist through the Domiciliary Care Services Supervisor or Manager.

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