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This Policy defines the philosophy and arrangements for the use of Homely or Household Remedies, (“Over-the-Counter” non-prescription medicines), for use by the service user.

This Policy should be read in conjunction with the following policies, as appropriate to circumstances:

Policy No 3300 Medicines Policy - General Policy for Managing Service Users’ Medicines

Policy No 3302 Medicines Policy - Administration of Medicines to a Service User

Policy No 3303 Medicines Policy - Safe Disposal of Unwanted or Out-of-Date Medicines

1. "Homely or Household Remedies" are medicinal products that may be purchased "over-the-counter" (OTC) at pharmacies without the need for a prescription. These may include mild analgesics and cough linctus's / syrups.

2. The service user has the right to retain small quantities of appropriate Homely or Household Remedies for emergency purposes. These will be purchased from an appropriate pharmacy as a normal retail transaction by the service user or appointed advocate.

3. For each service user, the service user's GP will be requested to list out those Homely or Household Remedies and other preparations which the service user may take without reference to the GP. This list will be prepared with due consideration to the service user's current medication regime and will consider all possible contra-indications with Homely or Household Remedies. This list will be kept in the service user's clinical notes.

4. Homely or Household Remedies will be treated as Medicines with respect to storage, security and ease of access:

4.1 They must be stored safely and securely out of the reach of children, but still readily accessible by the service user and / or carers, according to need and appropriate risk assessments.

4.2 They must be stored away from sources of heat and light, and in accordance with the instructions on the manufacturers’ original packaging.

4.3 They must be stored in the manufacturers’ original packaging. This can be individual bottles, boxes of blister packs etc.

4.4 Homely or Household Remedies in the service user’s home that are not in the original packaging should be brought to the attention of the service user / advocate / responsible family member according to discretion.

5. Before any Homely or Household Remedy is administered to a service user, the Care Worker must take following action:

5.1 Refer to the GP’s notes (ref. clause 3 of this Policy) for any possible contra-indications with prescription medication. If in doubt the service user's GP should be consulted.

5.2 Check each Homely or Household Remedy before it is administered to the service user to ensure that the “use by” expiry date has not been exceeded. Out-of-date medicines must be disposed of in accordance with Policy No 3303.

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