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This Policy defines the procedures relating to the types of domestic duties that the Care Worker may undertake as part of the Care Service:

1. As part of their care duties the Care Worker may undertake some or all of the following domestic tasks to assist the service user:

  • Cleaning / dusting / vacuuming / polishing / tidying up.

  • Bed making.

  • Cleaning glass, mirrors and silverware / cutlery.

  • Dealing with household refuse.

2. Additionally, as the Care Plan directs, and as agreed in the specific Service Contract, the Care Worker may also undertake the following tasks:

  • Basic pet care (walking, feeding, emptying litter trays etc).

  • Cleaning after spillage of body fluids, or an incidence of incontinence.

  • Helping with basic gardening tasks.

3. When carrying out tasks in 2. above, or any other tasks which may present a significant infection risk, the Care Worker MUST wear appropriate disposable protective clothing, reference Policy No 4001.

4. When cleaning tasks are completed, all cleaning materials and equipment must be safely stored away in their proper locations. Care should be taken to ensure that hazardous materials such as bleaches and other caustic cleaning agents are stored in correctly labelled containers. Care Staff should be familiar with the C.O.S.H.H. Safety Data Sheets where relevant.

5. The Care Worker should check all electrical appliances for safe and effective working. Checks should be made to ensure that there are no loose wires or cracked plugs. The Care Worker reserves the right to refuse to use any electrical item which he / she feels is unsafe, and will report the same to the service user and the Domiciliary Care Services Supervisor or Manager, making appropriate notes in the service user’s File.

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