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This Policy defines the procedures relating to the types of assistance that the Care Worker may offer with respect to helping the service user to plan for shopping needs, and buying the actual items needed, as part of the agreed Care Service:

1. As part of their care duties the Care Worker may undertake some or all of the following domestic tasks to assist the service user in planning for provisions and other shopping needs:

1.1 Assisting the service user to prepare shopping lists and budgets. This may involve helping the service user to check stocks of foodstuffs, cleaning materials etc

1.2 Accompanying the service user on shopping trips, as mobility and dependency allows. Alternatively, the Care Worker may shop on the service user’s behalf, but in this instance refer to 2. below.

1.3 Helping the service user to select items from mail order catalogues, and helping with the completion of mail order forms, and making payments by cheque or credit card.

1.4 Collecting the service user’s pensions on his / her behalf (see 2. below).

2. Where tasks involve handling the service user’s monies, cheques or pensions, Policy No 3718 must be strictly observed.

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