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This Policy defines the procedures relating to the types of assistance that the Care Worker may offer with respect to helping the service user with personal planning activities, as part of the agreed Care Service. This may be of particular help where the service user is forgetful or confused:

1. As part of their care duties the Care Worker may undertake some or all of the following personal tasks to assist the service user. This will usually be at the service user’s specific request:

1.1 Help with writing letters and addressing envelopes.

1.2 Filling in forms.

1.3 Remembering family anniversaries such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries, and help with buying cards and presents, and sending flowers, etc.

1.4 Completing electoral roll forms and voting cards.

1.5 Buying / completing lottery tickets and sweepstakes.

2. Where tasks involve handling the service user’s monies, cheques or pensions,

Policy No 3718 must be strictly observed.

3. According to the ethnic group, religion or nationality of the service user, the Care Worker may be required to assist the service user in planning celebrations / observance of religious or cultural customs and festivals. This may include helping the service user to attend chosen places of worship, and helping with appropriate travel arrangements. The need for this will have been documented as part of the original service user Care Plan.


Form No: 3-003 Summary of Service Users’ Religious & Cultural Requirements

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