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This Policy applies to ALL staff with respect to their personal identification when representing the Organisation, and presenting themselves at a service user’s home.

1. ALL staff will be issued with a unique Staff Identification Card (“I.D. Card”) which unmistakeably identifies the holder as an employee of Prime Recruitment Ltd. The I.D. Card will:

1.1 display a photograph of the card-holder, the name of the card-holder in large print, and a specimen signature;

1.2 be available in languages which reflect the ethnic mix of the community;

1.3 be available in a format for the benefit of people with visual impairments;

1.4 be laminated or protected in such a way as to make it tamper-proof;

1.5 identify the Date of Issue of the I.D. Card and an expiry date not exceeding 36 months from this Date of Issue.

2. This I.D. Card will be kept on the employee’s person at all times when undertaking shift duties. This will apply to staff normally based at the office but who may need to visit a service user, or potential service user, at short notice.

3. Each service user will have been asked, at commencement of Contract for the Care to be provided, to ensure that they request identification from any Prime Recruitment Ltd employee with whom they are not familiar, and not to allow them access unless this identification is forthcoming. It is recognised that the service user has the right to telephone the Organisation to verify any person’s identity prior to allowing him / her into their home.

4. All Care Staff will wear uniforms or a standard of dress, ref the Uniform / Dress Code (Policy No 1204). Care Staff will also wear a name badge on their uniforms in addition to carrying an I.D. Card.

5. When leaving the employment of Prime Recruitment Ltd, the staff member must surrender all badges and I.D. Cards to the Domiciliary Care Services Manager for destruction. This will be recorded in the Employee Staff records.


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