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This Policy defines the procedures to be followed for discovering a gas leak or a smell of gas at the service user’s home:

1. Upon discovering a smell of gas, the Care Worker should attempt to trace the source and determine whether it has 1been a minor leak such as a gas tap inadvertently left on.

2. If so, the problem will be rectified and windows opened to evacuate the residual gas. If severe, the affected room should be temporarily evacuated to give the gas time to clear. THERE MUST BE NO NAKED FLAMES UNTIL THE GAS 1HAS CLEARED.

3. Any leaks that cannot be immediately traced, HOWEVER MINOR, must be reported immediately to the Gas Board or 1an appropriately registered gas contractor, and an emergency engineer requested. The emergency telephone 1numbers may be found on the list of local emergency services held at the service user’s home.

4. The following action must then be taken immediately:

4.1 Windows must be opened.

4.2 Gas must be turned off at the mains.

4.3 DO NOT SWITCH ANY ELECTRIC LIGHTS OR APPLIANCES ON OR OFF - a spark at the switch may cause an explosion.

5. Depending upon circumstances, the service user’s dwelling may need to be evacuated pending arrival of the gas 1engineer. Where necessary, the Care Worker may have to summon assistance from neighbours while waiting for the 1gas engineers, particularly if help is needed to evacuate the service user. The service user’s family, as appropriate, 1should also be notified.

6. The Care Worker must report such incidents to the Domiciliary Care Services Manager, and complete records must be 1recorded in the service user’s Notes.

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