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This Policy defines the procedures to be followed for discovering an electrical power failure at the service user’s home:

1."Power Failure" will be taken to mean the complete failure of the main electrical power supply due to adverse weather conditions, planned cut-off or by general equipment malfunction.

2. If power fails the following action will be taken:

2.1 If the power cut is planned, i.e. the service user has had prior notification from the electricity authorities, the Care Worker should have been informed and appropriate contingency measures put into place for the duration of the power cut. This is especially important when the power is off for a significant period (in excess of one hour) in the winter months when absence of electricity also means failure of the heating system in the service user’s home.

2.2 Upon discovering a power failure, care must be taken to switch off electrical appliances in use at the time of the failure. This is especially critical for kitchen equipment.

2.3 The Care Worker should check the main fuse box to see whether power failure is due to a simple “trip” of the system. If so, the fuse should be restored. If the power then trips again, especially when a certain appliance is used, that appliance should be unplugged and put aside for checking and, if necessary, repair. The service user will be informed of the need for this, and the Care Worker must not attempt to use the appliance until it has been checked.

2.4 If there is no evidence that power failure has been caused within the service user’s home itself the emergency number of the electrical supply company will be called by the Care Worker in order to ascertain the problem and to verify how long repairs will take and therefore the length of the power cut. This number will be taken from the lists of emergency telephone numbers of key local services held at the service user’s home.

2.5 If the power cut has been caused within the home, the electrical supply company, or other listed contractor (see emergency number list) must be contacted for emergency repairs.

3. Depending upon circumstances, the service user’s home may need to be temporarily evacuated until power is restored, especially if the loss of power has led to a breakdown in the heating system. Where necessary, the Care Worker may have to summon assistance from neighbours while waiting for the engineers, particularly if help is needed to evacuate the service user. The service user’s family, as appropriate, should also be notified.

4. The Care Worker must report such incidents to the Domiciliary Care Services Manager, and complete records must be recorded in the service user’s Notes.


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