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This Policy defines the procedures to be followed for discovering a burglary, or attempted burglary, at the service user’s home, and which may or may not involve theft of property:

1. If the Care Worker discovers that there has been a burglary, or an attempt to break in to the service user’s home, priority must be given to the service user. This is especially important if the break-in happened while the service user was in the house and where the service user may well be frightened or traumatised by the incident.

2. The Care Worker will summon the police on 999, and as appropriate the service user’s family should also be notified.

3. The Care Worker should comfort the service user while ensuring that as much of the house and property as possible remains untouched, pending arrival of the police.

4. The Care Worker should attempt to discover whether items have actually been stolen, and if so to make a list accordingly with the help of the service user.

5. The Care Worker should help to arrange for any damage to the property to be repaired, using the service user’s choice of contractors wherever possible.

6. If requested by the service user, the Care Worker should help the service user to complete any subsequent insurance claim forms.

7. The Care Worker must report such incidents to the Domiciliary Care Services Manager, and complete records must be recorded in the service user’s Notes. The Incident & Action Log (ref Form No 2-107) held centrally at the Organisation’s offices must also be completed.


Form No: 2-107 Incident & Action Log

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