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This Policy defines the procedures to be followed upon discovering flooding at the service user’s home:

1. Flooding can be due to roof damage as a result of severe storms, or by burst water pipes.

2. In severe cases of flooding, the Care Worker may need to summon the Fire Brigade to pump out the water. This may require the service user to be evacuated from the home, and in such cases the Care Worker may have to summon assistance from neighbours while waiting for the Fire Brigade. The service user’s family, as appropriate, should also be notified.

3. Attempts should be made to discover the cause of the flooding, and to take preventive action for the future accordingly. This may entail summoning a plumbing contractor, using contacts taken from the lists of emergency telephone numbers of key local services held at the service user’s home.

4. The Care Worker must report such incidents to the Domiciliary Care Services Manager, and complete records must be recorded in the service user’s Records.

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