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This Policy will summarise the arrangements and measures for the management of First Aid within the Organization. This will apply to First Aid precautions taken at the Organisation’s administrative premises for office staff, and for Domiciliary Care staff visiting service users.

1. It is the Organization’s policy that all care staff undergo First Aid training to enable them to deal with emergencies at service user’s homes. It is also policy that a trained First Aider is present on each staff shift at the Organisation’s office. All staff training is subject to refresher training on a 3-year cycle.

2. Care staff will each be issued with a portable First Aid Kit which is numbered and controlled through a central register. There is also a fixed First Aid Kit available at Prime Recruitment Ltd at the office facilities for use by administrative and visitors as needed.

3. The contents of these all First Aid Kits will be checked on a monthly basis by a designated staff member and replenished as needed.

4. All incidents involving office-based staff that requires First Aid must be entered into the Accident Book held at the Organization’s premises.

5. If immediate First Aid does not resolve the problem then the person concerned should be referred to the Accident & Emergency Department of the nearest hospital.

6. Incidents involving service users who require First Aid will be processed according to Policy No 3713.

7. Staff members who treat visitors must first obtain their consent and are reminded that they are professionally accountable for their own actions and are not acting for or on behalf of the Organisation.


Form No: 4-011 Record of First Aid Training

Form No: 4-012 Record of First Aid Treatment Given

Form No: 4-013 Register of Portable First Aid Kits

Form No: 4-014 Contents Check of First Aid Box

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