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The Management of Prime Recruitment Ltd recognises and accepts the responsibility to provide and maintain safe working conditions and a healthy working environment. This will apply equally to:

1.1 Care workers working off-base in the service user’s own domiciliary environment

1.2 Staff working at the Organization’s office premises, and visitors to these premises.

All aspects of Health & Safety Management relating to the individual service user are comprehensively covered separately in a series of specific Policies. These may be found in this Policy Manual as Policy Series 3700 to 3799 – “Safeguarding the Service User”.


To achieve the summary policy objectives listed in 1. above, it is Management Policy to:

2.1 provide equipment and systems of work that are safe and free from risks to health.

2.2 provide physical features within the Organization’s office premises, e.g. stairways, office furniture and fittings etc. that are safe and suitable for their intended use.

2.3 provide an efficient power supply within the Organization’s office premises that will ensure adequate heating, lighting and sanitation.

2.4 ensure that all staff have the necessary experience and capability to carry out the tasks they will be expected to undertake. This will be supported by continuous staff training programmes.

2.5 ensure that care staff working late or alone with service users are properly protected through appropriate risk assessments and back-up management policies.

2.6 ensure the absence of risks to health in connection with the use, storage and handling of substances by carrying out an assessment of their effects, as required by the latest edition of the C.O.S.H.H. Regulations, and implementing all control measures found to be necessary. This will apply to staff working at the Organisation’s office environment and to care workers working in the service user’s own domiciliary environment, as appropriate to the job.

2.7 provide such information, instruction, training and supervision as may be necessary to ensure the Health and Safety of all staff and any visitors to the office premises. To ensure that all staff receive the appropriate training relative to their job duties and are fully aware of any hazards which may arise whilst undertaking them and the precautions to be adopted.

2.8 consider all Health and Safety factors when procuring equipment, obtaining new services, or when changing procedures or work patterns. To ensure that all necessary safety precautions are taken and that necessary safety instruction(s) have been understood.


It is also recognised that employees have a responsibility for their personal safety and a duty of care to their fellow employees. The employee's responsibilities will therefore include:

3.1 the duty to comply with all safety instructions and directions laid down.

3.2 the duty to use properly the means and facilities provided for Health and Safety.

3.3 the duty to refrain from the wilful misuse of, or interference with, anything provided in the interests of Health, Safety and Welfare and any action that may be construed as dangerous.

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