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This Policy defines the simple procedures and precautions to be taken by Care Staff for the safe use of disposable protective clothing and related items in order to minimise the potential for cross-infections, and to preserve the health and safety of the Care Worker when in contact with hazardous substances at the service user’s home.

It is the objective of this Policy to ensure that the requirements of the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations, 2002, are met as far as they relate to a domiciliary care working environment:

1. All Care Workers will receive basic instruction in the theory and procedures for infection control as part of the Induction Training process. This will include the safe use of protective clothing and the conditions under which it must be used.

2. Each Care Worker will be issued with a number of sets of the following items:

2.1 Disposable plastic aprons.

2.2 Disposable gloves. These should be made from latex, or PVC where sensitivity to latex is indicated (ref. Policy No 4013). Polythene gloves should NOT be used for undertaking tasks where there is a risk of infection.

2.3 Face masks and eye protection, where there is a risk of blood, body fluids, secretions or excretions splashing into the face; e.g. during manual cleaning of commodes.

2.4 Disposable plastic bags for waste disposal (ref. Policy No 4204).

3. This disposable clothing MUST be worn when undertaking any task where there is a risk of infection. Such tasks will include:

  • Emptying commodes.

  • Cleaning up / sanitising after a spillage of blood, body fluids or body waste.

  • Disposing of clinical waste into bags provided (see 4. below).

  • Emptying pet litter trays or cleaning up animal excrement.

4. Disposable clothing must be removed upon completion of the tasks for which they were used, and placed in a plastic bag for disposal. This bag must be sealed and left with the household waste for collection as part of the normal refuse disposal process at the service user’s home, according to Policy No 4204.

5. Care Workers may obtain additional supplies of all disposable protective clothing and disposal bags from the Organisation’s offices whenever required.

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