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This Policy defines the principles to be observed for proper lifting and handling (moving and assisting) by Care Staff. This relates not only to the handling of service users but also to other items such as equipment (hoists) and large containers of foodstuffs (sacks of flour or potatoes etc).

1. Prior to any care being offered, as an essential part of the Care Plan the Domiciliary Care Services Supervisor or Manager will need to assess those activities involved in day-to-day care which will entail a certain degree of lifting and handling. Where this involves lifting, moving or positioning of a service user an appropriate preliminary Risk Assessment MUST be carried out, ref Form No 3-008. For moving and assisting the larger person, Form No 3-009 will apply.

2. As far as is possible, the management of the Organization will seek to reduce or even eliminate manual handling operations through the use of mechanical aids (hoists etc).

3. All Care Staff will undergo training in Manual Handling techniques as an essential requirement. Full Training Records will be maintained on an individual basis and this training will be reviewed annually to determine the need, if any, for any up-date or refresher training.

4. Service users will be informed of the risks involved in manual handling and of the need for the Care Worker to undertake certain duties in specific ways in order to reduce risks. The Organisation reserves the right to refuse service to any service user that does not agree to appropriate safe handling methods being used.

5. Any accidents to staff or service users involving safe handling techniques will be investigated in accordance with the Organization’s Health & Safety procedures and the R.I.D.D.O.R. Regulations (latest edition).

6. The Care Worker has a responsibility to inform the Domiciliary Care Services Supervisor or Manager if for any reason he / she is unfit to carry out duties that involve a degree of lifting or handling.


Form No: 3-008 Risk Assessment - Service User - Lifting & Handling

Form No: 3-009 Risk Assessment - Service User - Moving & Handling the Larger Person

Form No: 4-004 Risk Assessment - Hoists

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