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This Policy defines the policies in place to address workplace bullying or harassment. This includes threat of actual violence.

Prime Recruitment Ltd is committed to establishing a working environment that is free from any form of harassment.

1. Bullying or harassment is taken to include any behaviour on the part of one employee to another, that is intimidating, offensive or hostile to the extent that it impacts upon, and compromises, the individual’s working environment, and which can induce fear, stress anxiety or sickness on the part of the harassed or bullied person.

2. This Policy takes abuse, harassment, aggression or bullying to include the following:

3.1 Verbal abuse or threats.

3.2 Physical aggression, which may or may not lead to actual violence.

3.3 Sectarian abuse.

3.4 Racial abuse or harassment.

3.5 Sexual harassment, which in itself can take the forms of:

  • Verbal harassment;

  • Actual assault;

  • Exposure to offensive material.

5. Where a staff member feels that he / she has been bullied or harassed by another staff member, he / she should report it to his / her immediate supervisor. Such discussions will take place confidentially.

4. As a result of these confidential discussions if the supervisor feels that the complaint regarding harassment / bullying is justified then this will be referred to senior management for appropriate action. This may include taking disciplinary action against the accused staff member. In all cases the ensuing procedure will follow the principles set out in the Whistle-blowing Policy, ref Policy No 1103, for appropriate action to resolve the problem.

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