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This Policy defines the Health & Safety measures required to ensure that service users are moved and handled safely in slings and hoists, and in doing so to ensure that the statutory requirements of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations, 1998, (LOLER) are met within the Organisation:

1. For the purposes of this Policy, lifting equipment such as hoists is defined as any equipment, attachment or accessories that are used to lift a service user within their home environment.

2. Staff responsible for operating a hoist and sling must ensure the following:

2.1 The hoist and sling are clean and free from obvious contamination.

2.2 The hoist and sling have been properly maintained as part of a formal Equipment Maintenance Programme, and that they are within the maintenance period as specified on the Equipment Maintenance label fixed to the hoist.

2.3 The equipment is appropriately suitable for lifting the service user’s weight.

2.4 Staff involved in the use of hoists and slings have received appropriate specialised training in LOLER and the safe and correct method for using the equipment and lifting and assisting the service user.

3. Hoists and slings are subject to appropriate Risk Assessment, ref. Form No 4-004, on a monthly basis.

4. Prior to each use, the staff member will undertake a visual check of the hoist and sling for obvious signs of contamination and any faults with the equipment. Faults will be reported to the staff member’s immediate supervisor and if necessary the hoist or sling will be taken out of use pending repair or other remedial action, as appropriate.

5. Slings will be inspected on a weekly basis for signs of damage and contamination. Slings that have become visibly soiled will either be cleaned or replaced, according to need.


Form No: 4-004 Risk Assessment - Hoists

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