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This Policy will document the measures which will be taken towards any individual who abuses, harasses or in any other way intimidates a member of staff.

1. The staff at Prime Recruitment Ltd is dedicated to providing an excellent service of care and welfare to our service users. We firmly believe that our staff have the right to carry out their duties without fear of abuse, harassment or intimidation from any person with whom the staff member may come into contact with during the working shift.

2. The Management of the Organization recognises that it has a duty of care to its staff in ensuring the maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment. In this respect management are committed to ensuring that staff are enabled to work in an environment that is free from the threat of violence, abuse and harassment.

3. Unacceptable behaviour towards a staff member will be classified as follows:

  • Shouting / aggressive behaviour

  • Swearing

  • Threats or threatening behaviour

  • Actual violence

  • Sexual harassment

4. Unacceptable behaviour towards a staff member will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. It is our policy that, if necessary, management will use the full extent of the law to protect its staff and will support staff in the prosecution of offenders. This will include taking out private prosecutions in the event that the Crown Prosecution Service or Police are unwilling to act.


Form No: 2-107 Incident & Action Log

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