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This Policy provides a fundamental basis for the reporting of accidents, untoward incidents or events, near misses and risk areas that may be experienced by the Care Worker during the course of his / her daily duties.

There is an Accident Reporting Procedure already in place within the Organisation (ref. Policy No 4106). This Policy will therefore focus upon the Reporting of Untoward Incidents or Events, Near Misses and Risk Areas:


1. Staff Induction and on-going Health & Safety Training programmes will include an awareness of the need for staff to report all accidents and incidents regardless of whether these have resulted in injury, loss or damage. Training will also focus upon the correct reporting procedure and advice on how to complete appropriate record forms.

2. The Untoward Event reporting system allows recording and analysis of all incidents that involve service users, staff, premises or property. This is to ensure compliance with insurance and other reporting requirements such as the Regulatory Authority. The Untoward Incident Record Log (ref Form No 2-107) must be completed in addition to reports to any external agencies such as the Regulatory Authority, RIDDOR or the local Fire Department.

3. When an Untoward Incident Record Log is completed relating to a service user they will be advised that a report is being made and of any actions that must be taken immediately to prevent a recurrence of the incident.

4. The Domiciliary Care Services Manager or designate will ensure that all untoward incidents, near misses and risk / hazard issues are fully investigated to establish the cause and what action, if any, is required to correct the situation and / or prevent it from happening again. The level of the investigation will reflect the seriousness of the incident and appropriate advice in this respect may be found in the tables on the following pages.

5. The Untoward Incident Record Log is designed to provide a “rolling” record of untoward incidents, and so enable any possible adverse trends to be identified for action.



Form No: 2-107 Incident & Action Log

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