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This Policy defines the procedures to be followed for handling a service user that is suspected of having an infectious disease or condition:

1. Notifiable Diseases - Health Protection (Notification) Regulations, 2010:

If it is suspected that a service user is suffering from a notifiable infectious disease, the CCDC must be notified IMMEDIATELY.

The following constitute “Infectious Diseases" which are notifiable to Local Authority Proper Officers under the Health Protection (Notification) Regulations, 2010:

2. Where the Care Worker suspects that a service user has contracted an infectious disease, he / she will immediately put on disposable protective clothing, reference Policy No 4001.

3. The Care Worker will immediately contact the following people:

  • The service user’s GP - for possible notification to the CCDC, ref. clause1 above.

  • The service user’s family / next-of-kin / advocate, as appropriate.

  • The Domiciliary Care Services Supervisor or Manager for advice and instruction on how to handle the situation, according to perceived symptoms and the condition of the service user. In this respect, the Domiciliary Care Services Supervisor or Manager will maintain a close liaison with the GP / CCDC to monitor the on-going situation.

4. Before leaving the service user’s home, the Care Worker MUST thoroughly wash hands with soap and water. All disposable protective clothing will be bagged up in a red plastic disposal sack and disposed of according to Policy No 4208.

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