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This Policy defines the emergency procedures to be followed where Care Workers are unable to fulfil a scheduled appointment with a service user due to adverse weather conditions.

1. On occasions, severe weather conditions such as heavy rain leading to flooding, or heavy snow, may physically prevent a Care Worker from keeping pre-arranged appointments with a service user.

2. Where a Care Worker is aware of this in advance, i.e. they are unable to travel; they must inform the Domiciliary Care Services Supervisor or Manager at the earliest possible opportunity.

3. The Domiciliary Care Services Supervisor or Manager will inform the service user and / or family member immediately that weather conditions are preventing delivery of the normal Care Service. Where it is possible for replacement staff to attend, then Policy No 3010 will be invoked.

4. In extreme circumstances, i.e. where it is not possible for any staff to travel, the Domiciliary Care Supervisor or Manager will inform both the service user and his / her family, and also the Social Services who may be able to make contingency measures.

5. Where Care Staff are in the middle of routine calls, and adverse weather closes in, then the Domiciliary Care Services Supervisor or Manager should be informed immediately by mobile telephone and the Care Worker concerned should take all possible steps to return home or back to the Organisation’s offices after completing their immediate duties.

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