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This policy is intended to set out the values, principles and policies underpinning

Prime Recruitment Ltd.’s approach to maintaining and improving quality and high standards.

The policy

We place a strong emphasis on providing the highest quality service possible for all of our service users. It works on the basis that, no matter how good it’s present services, there is always room for improvement and have established a quality management system which provides and framework for measuring and improving our performance. We have the following system and procedures in place to support us in our aim of service user satisfaction and continual improvement throughout our organisation.

  • Regular gathering and monitoring of service user, family or relevant person feedback

  • A complaints procedure

  • Robust and value based recruitment, selection and retention process

  • Training development for all employees

  • Regular monitoring and observation of staff

  • Regular audit or internal processes

  • Measurable quality objectives which reflect organisational aims

  • Management reviews and audit results, feedback and complaints

We believe that having the highest quality is the absolute right for all of our service users. The continuing aim of Prime Recruitment Ltd is to provide a professional and efficient service to meet all of the requirements of all its service users, and the long-term goal is to obtain the highest possible level of satisfaction from service users and relatives.

Service users’ views will be sought, collated and used to inform the services we provide.

All service users should:

  • Receive the highest quality care and support possible

  • Have a say in the running of the organisation through routine evaluations; information is gathered and a larger survey of service user’s options carried out on every six months. Although confidential, the results of this survey are published and made available to all service users’ relatives and other stakeholders

  • Be free to complain about any aspect of the running of the services provided and to have their complaints welcomed and acted upon promptly. To this end, the organisation operates a robust complaints procedure

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